[Trans] SHINee thanks SNSD in their Album

The national's girl group! SNSD!
The hardworking leader Taeyeon noona! Noona is very cool~
My noona Sooyoung noona, I've gotten a haircut~
Like a gem, shining so brightly, Tiffany noona~
Sica noona, who I've become close to~
Sunny noona, who's cute on variety shows and on stage
Hyoyeon noona, who's memory is the best and dances the best
Same age friend, even though it's funny, but I don't know myself...Seohyun ah~ good luck!
Pretty Yoona noona, who supports me all along! Noona, know what I'm talking about?
Thanks and sorry to Yuri noona... will not forget!

Sunkyu ah, you... ahha
Taeng , Sooyoung, Yuri, Miyoung (Tiffany), Hyoyeon ah, please let us meet keke
Sica, who recommended Jinkyu(?) hyung~

Sica noona, the method to put an elephant in the fridge (freezer) is?? ke

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source: bestiz
chinese translations: lyvickey
english translations: vivz

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