[Trans] SHINee Key Thanks To in Lucifer Album

The album which I’ve worked hard for is released yet again! Thank you god.
Lee Soo Man Teacher, who would always spend lots of time to help us Kim Young Min CEO, who’s very tentative~ Thank you Nam x Young CEO, who is always talk good about us in Japan.

Always dress/packaged us very brightly, Young Jun hyung, Jin hyung, KyungJi(?) hyung, Seunghwa hyung. Yoo Youngjin director, who did amazing stuff for our work this time, and I must mention handsome man Sungsoo hyung, charismatic Boice Duli noona! Always supporting us since trainee days~ Jungah noona, Heejoon noona, ** noona, **noona!

Thank you Park Jun Young manager who always worry about us whenever we film MVs. In charge of promotions: EunA noona, Seunghee noona, Jisun Noona jjang!

Working hard from debut, Yoonju Noona who would always listen to me no matter what, also jjang! Leein noona who is very passionate about work overseas! Spending lots of effort to train my voice Lee reporter! Goo reporter! Jin reporter… perfect haha. Also, SM family, who have worked hard for SHINee! Really thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Minjung noona, ***hyung, Yoonjung noona who does hair for me everyday. Jungah noona, **noona, who works hard everyday, Jungmin noona who does makeup for me everyday, Hyunhee noona who has a good personality, kind MiAe noona~ thank you all~ ***manager who gives me stylish clothes to wear! Yeomi noona, Dahee noona, Namyoung noona jjang~ Kyungjae hyung, Jaesuk hyung who’s really good at dancing! Kyungsuk hyung who lives together! Chubby Hyungjoo hyung! Jinjoo hyung! Daebak Daebak MY FRIEND!

Jaejin, whom I truly like! Nicole, who is always by my side and leading me! Cutie magnae Jiyoung~ Seunghyun who plays the guitar well~
91 line male idols! ‘Really~’ good and friendly Jinwoon Mir, Son Dongwoon thank you guys! T-ara’s spotlight Hyomin noona!
Our Oh! After! English teacher! Bekah noona who is very close~ Same aged Nana, smart Joonhyung hyung, messenger Seungho hyung~
JQ hyung, who is good at rap, close couple **hyung, **noona, Hyungseung hyung, Mi-A-Ki main casts! Cute Dongho, Chundong hyung who taught me how to imitate keke.

BEG noonas! Miryo noona who does well in everything! Auntie Narsha noona~ Also my friends! Minho who is working hard in college, So Jin whom I’m close with and is studying hard in America.

Kyungtae hyung who takes good care of me, Dongju who is very far yet studies hard, Yeonwook who is close even if we don’t meet, Kyungtak who is interesting, handsome Hyungshin. Saehee noona, who treats me as her dongseng! Hyomin noona who is a strict daughter~ Stella, ***noona, **hyung, *** thank you to you all!

And also my son Yoogeun! Hurry and grow up~ “SHINee World” who have looked over us since the beginning! Very pretty I love you all~ I will show you guys a better side of Key in the future! Lastly, my mom, dad, and grandma who have been on my side to support me all this time. Grandpa, Grandma who are in heaven…

Grandpa, please look after me~ I will work hard. A lot of people have helped me this time releasing another album. Really thankful. I will become a more hard working Key! We are one! ‘-‘

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