[RUMOURS] SHINee's 2nd Album Tracklist!

It is been confirmed by SM Entertainment that SHINee will be making a comeback with a brand new album this July. There has been also rumours surfaced online regarding their 2nd album tracklist. The album is said to be a full-length album entitled 'Holiday'. Here is the rumoured album tracklist:

01 항상 (Always)
02 Holiday
03 친구 (Friends)
04 지금의 우리보다 더 좋았던 그 날 (Remorse)
05 관계자외 출입금지 (Inhibition)
06 For You (Dear. Fan)
07 반쪽 (Half)
08 너의 이름 (Your Name)
09 두번째 이야기 (The Second Story) (In my room-後)
10 About Love (with SHINee World)
11 너를 지우다 (Hate You) (Duet. ONEW-KEY)
12 사.계.한 (Love Should Go On) (Ballad ver.)

The album title track is most probably to be 'Holiday'. But these are just rumours and nothing has been confirmed yet. Let's hope the full statement from SM Entertainment will be released soon!

Their music video teaser is set to be released this 6th July. Their album title track is set to be released online on 8th July and the full music video will be released on the day after (9th July). SHINee will be making their first comeback stage through Music Core next week and the full-length album is set to be released on 12th July.

Credits: Anyeong Chingu