[RUMOURS] Onew & Key Sang a Duet Song in New Album!

Just recently a rumour about their second album's tracklist surfaced online and netizens have been buzzing about SHINee's leader, Onew will be having a duet song with bandmate, Key. The duet song is said to be entitled as '너를 지우다 (Hate You)' which was rumoured to be included in their upcoming second full-length album. There is a possibility for this to be true since they have been doing duet and solo songs in their previous releases. However rumour is just a rumour, we still have to wait until SM Entertainment to release a full-statement regarding their second album.

SHINee is set to make their first comeback stage next week through Music Core. Their music video teaser is set to be released this 6th July while their album title-track is going to be released online on 8th July. The full music video will be released on the day after (9th July) and the full album is set to be released online and offline on 12th July.