[News]Yoon Son Ha to Make Comeback to TV Dramas with ‘Runaway’

Actress Yoon Son Ha, who has been acting in Japan, will make a comeback to Korean TV dramas after three years away with the KBS drama “Runaway,” in which Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) will appear as a main protagonist.

According to a spokesperson for the production company of “Runaway” on July 7, Yoon Son Ha will play a femme fatale character named Hwang Mi Jin, who will approach detective Ji Woo (Jung Ji Hoon) to kill him.

Yoon Son Ha debuted as an actress through a KBS open recruitment in 1994 and went into the Japanese entertainment industry in 2000. By appearing on various programs, she established a solid foothold in Japan and successfully established her name as an actress when she appeared in the drama “Good Luck” with star Japanese actor Kimura Takuya. She has come back to Korean dramas for the first time in three years since she appeared in the SBS drama “Lover” in 2007.

Her agency quoted what Yoon Son Ha had said about appearing in the drama, stating, “I am very glad to be cast in a good drama which will be produced with the best producers. I will transform into a femme fatale character in the drama, so I want you to watch my transformation in the drama.”

The drama “Runaway,” which will begin airing from the end of September, is about people who are chasing an astronomical amount of money, and it is notable that writer Chun Sung Il and producing director Kwak Jung Hwan, who worked together in the KBS drama “The Slave Hunters,” have formed a production team again.

Rain, Lee Na Young, Daniel Henney, and Lee Jung Jin have been cast as the main actors, and Japanese character actor Naoto Takenaka and a member of the Japanese group “Speed,” Uehara Takako, will also appear in the drama.

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