[News/Video] Boni 'Go Around' Music Video!

Boni , real name Bo-Kyoung Shin, recently debuted no less than a few weeks ago, Boni’s mini album is a soulful collection of dance tracks, smooth R&B, and ballads that gives new meaning to K-Soul. Singing in both English and Korean, the young chanteuse is bound to win over fans with her powerful voice that’s dripping with emotion. Although the 24 year old may be new to the K Pop scene, she was featured on the renowned band 015B’s 2006 track “잠시 길을 잃다” after being discovered by the lead singer Suk-Won Jeong.

'Nu One' first-mini-album tracks:
01. Nu One (Feat.Verbal Jint)
02. 너를 보내도
03. Boni Get Started
04. Resq Me
05. Hot Soup
06. Prelude To Go Around
07. Go Around (English Ver.) - Bonus Track

Source: crayonbeats
Credits: boni_forums @ twitter