[News]The Boss’s Injun Confesses that he “became timid because of Lee Gyungshil’s force“

D-NA has recently revealed on T-News that they are "officially beginning the challenge of variety programs". Injun has participated in the recording of MBC's 'Quiz that Changes the World' (AKA. Sebakwi). He confesses that not too long ago, he met Lee Gyungshil noonim* at the shop and had resulted in becoming very timid at her force.

As was expected, Mika said that "We go to the same shop as Lee Gyungshil noonim. I was tired because the day before, we had a packed schedule so I was sleeping and had no idea that she had come. But then suddenly the members started greeting her. She really has force".

Injun said that "At first, I didn't know that it was her but when I looked closer it was Lee Gyungshil noonim. I quickly went to her to greet her. But of all places, it was in front of the toilet" and laughed. Continuing, "I greeted her while tensed up but she received it so pleasantly. She was so cool". Also, "She could've been like 'Oh. Okay' and just left but Lee Gyungshil noonim asked me again, 'Who did you say you were?' I have plans to greet her again before 'Sebakwi's' recording" and explained that "I'd like it if she looked at us nicely".

D-NA's Injun and Jay have plans to reveal their variety skills and wit that have been hidden until to now at the recording of 'Sebakwi' on the 9th.

D-NA is currently actively performing their title song 'Stumble Stumble'.

Translator's note: *Noonim is the polite way of saying noona which is what a younger guy would call an older girl.

CREDIT/SOURCE: silk781220@sportschosun (source) + kimchiluv&✰sheilaananta@enchanteDNA (translator),
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