[News]Shinhwa’s Eric, Dongwan and Andy show support for Teen Top

After watching the debut performance of Teen Top with “Clap”, for Shinhwa members Eric, Kim Dongwan and Andy it was a case of “it feels like we’re watching ourselves from 10 years ago.”

Before their debut performance, Eric and Andy, who have been monitoring their practice, said that it felt like looking at Shinhwa preparing for their debut back then. Kim Dongwan also posted a photo of Teen Top on his personal blog, describing them as “Andy’s ambitious project” and helping to promote them.

Teen Top is a new group from Andy’s management company, and the group consists of members that Andy picked out from an open audition. The Shinhwa members are all helping to monitor their activities and putting all their support behind them.

After watching Teen Top’s debut performance, the Shinhwa members have apparently expressed their wish for Teen Top to perform Shinhwa’s songs on stage. “They’re the new group that can best pull off Shinhwa’s songs and stage performances.”

After releasing their debut track “Clap” last week, Teen Top have started sales of their single album on 12 July and will be kickstarting their broadcast activities.

source: OSEN + Absolut Shinhwa
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