[News/Picture] G.NA releases new album jacket photo, revealing her face

Upcoming new singer G.NA reveals her face.
Garnering great interests even before her official debut, G.NA released the 2nd album jacket photo on 7th July. The first album jacket photo was released on 6th July and its shows G.NA wearing a pedora and doing the chic boyish concept.
Netizens who saw the 2nd jacket photo commented, “She has the daebak goddess pose”, “I look forward to her debut more”, “I wish she reveals full-body photo” etc.
Meanwhile, G.NA’s debut song is also duet song ‘Things I Want To Do If I Have a Lover’ featuring world star Rain. And the song is currently going up on music charts fast, receiving good responses from music fans.

Source : Newsen
Credits : sookyeong