[News]Kangta: I’m most envious of the fighting Shinhwa

On the 7th July episode of MBC variety show “Golden Fishery – Mureuppak Dosa”, Kangta expressed his envy for the Shinhwa members who always fight among themselves.

Kangta shared details of how H.O.T split up, and expressed his regret about the minor misunderstandings in the past that can no longer be reversed. “One year after we split, all the misunderstandings between the members were resolved after just two sentences. That’s why I’m most envious of the Shinhwa that always fight.”

Kangta said the Shinhwa members “quarrel whenever they get together, but it’s because of these frequent arguments that problems can resolved very quickly, and that’s why they’re still together as a group after 10 years.”

He added, “If the H.O.T members could have resolved problems at any moment without ‘excessive worries’, we could have still be together as a group until now.”

When Kang Ho Dong asked him, “Which Shinhwa members argue the most?” Kangta replied, much to the laughter of those present at the studio, “Junjin and Eric”.

Credits: SSTV Freechal + Absolut Shinhwa
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