[News]Jay will not be promoting 'Count On Me' as a solo singer, "bigger events are planned"

Jaebum will not be promoting 'Count On Me,'... "Pushing other events"

2PM's former member and leader Jaebum has finalized his contract with his company and is planning to meet with his fans in a variety of ways. However, he wil not be promoting as a solo singer for the time being.

A Sidus HQ associate spoke on the 17th, "We're pushing for another big event beside the fan meeting."

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His casting decision will also soon be revealed for SBS's new drama, 'Secret Garden.' Due to the large amount of fans wanting to see him on TV, it seems as if the results will be positive.

The same associate stated, "There's a lot of events that are being planned along with his acting activities. However, he will not be appearing on music programs to promote 'Count On Me,' nor are there any plans for him to promote as a solo singer for the time being."