[News] Yoon Si Yoon-T-ara's Jiyeon, "Over 300 times we kissed"

Actor Yoon Si Yoon recently made headlines when he revealed details about his kiss with T-ara's Jiyeon.

In the movie, "Death Bell 2", Yoon Si Yoon had a scene where he had to kiss Jiyeon's character. He revealed that for more than 13 hours they were re-shooting the kissing scene, and they had to kiss more than 300 times. 

Yoon Si Yoon said, "The first shoot of the certain scene, I was breathing too hard and put so much air in her mouth she became swollen like a blowfish," he said, 'I was having a really difficult time with it, and I think I was a lot more nervous than Jiyeon," he admitted.

"Death Bell 2" is about a special class of 30 students. Suddenly one by one, 12 students become murdered. It will be released on the 28th of this month.

source: http://www.eto.co.kr/?Code=20100720112657690&ts=120832
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + eto.co.kr