[news] YG Family is in full support and more for Taeyang's solo album

YG Family is in full support for Taeyang's release of his first solo album.

On the 1st of July, Taeyang's "I need a girl" was released along with his first solo album. Fellow Big Bang member, G-Dragon who has been friends with Taeyang for 10 years lend a little help for the song as well.

Fellow YG Entertainment 2ne1 who are in LA right now has also expressed their support for taeyang's "I need a girl" especially since Dara of 2ne1 was the main leading woman in the music video.

That is not all. YG CEO Yang Hyun Seok has made sure Teayang is promoted well as a huge banner was placed outside of the YG Entertainment building.

YG Official said, "Our building is beside the riverside and is a good spot for large banners to advertise, We are sure that people all over the area can see Taeyang and his first solo album".

Meanwhile, Taeyang's first solo album is currently number 1 in Hanteo charts, His album is getting a huge response and his title track "I need a girl" is also topping a lot of music charts online.

Source: starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews

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