[NEWS] The Win Win broadcast-mistake controversy - "When did CL become Gaeko?"

KBS 2TV Talk Show, "Win Win" made the mistake of incorrectly posting up a person's photo during a broadcast, and is currently receiving a lot of criticism.

On July 27th's episode of 'Win Win', DJ Doc had appeared as a guest. During the show, they were discussing the reason for him shaving his head, where he confessed that it was "due to hair loss". It was then revealed that Leessang's Gil and Dynamic Duo's Gaeko, and Kim Jinpyo are also currently suffering from hair loss.

The thing that is becoming an issue right now is the portion of the broadcast where they were talking about celebrities who were suffering with hair loss. As they pointed out the celebrities, Gil, Gaeko and Kim Jinpyo, they showed pictures of their respective faces in the captions. While showing Gaeko's face, another person's picture was incorrectly broadcasted.

This photo was taken from a Naver cafe, 'Hip hop & Rap' where a netizen had combined an image of Supreme Team's E-SENSE and 2NE1's leader, CL. Following this, if you searched up 'Gaeko' on Naver, one of the first images to show up is this picture.

It was only for a moment but it didn't escape the 'hawk eyes' of netizens . Netizens criticized the Win Win production crew saying, "I think CL will be hurt by this".

Netizens showed a variety of responses ranging from things such as "It seems like someone who doesn't really understand what happened will misunderstand", "I would have been fooled, too, if I were the PD", "It was a mistake to combine the photos in the first place", etc.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100728n03313
Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com