[News] Why is Jaebum called the 'Time Bomb?' / JYPE's thoughts revealed

Many industry associates call 2PM's former member Jaebum a 'time bomb.'

Why do they call him that?

One such associate stated, "Jaebum was with 2PM for a variety of activities and then withdrew. He withdrew from his former agency JYP Entertainment but the reason has never been revealed. JYPE says that it is a private life problem but failed to reveal any details. It's something a lot of people are curious about."

He went on to say, "A lot of people are just speculating and deducting and inferencing. Fans also aren't too comfortable regarding that aspect and view Jaebum as the victim. But from an investigative standpoint, Jaebum really does need to give a detailed explanation."

Another industry associate stated, "Even before and after Jaebum was swept in controversy for belittling Korea, he received unconditional support from his fans. Although 10 months of time has passed, he's still at the position of a top star in Korea."

He went on to say, "A lot of industry associates are showing interest in him. However, he really needs to clarify clearly why he left JYP Entertainment. The fans want this."

Jaebum is currently filming Hype Nation and has even recently met up with the Korean press for an interview. However, he did not say anything regarding his withdrawal from 2PM.

JYP Entertainment, his former agency, stated, "Jaebum's matters are something he needs to handle himself." Regarding Jaebum's return to the nation for his movie filming, JYP Entertainment stated, "We have nothing to say. We are no longer his management company and he has already left us."

Omitted summary.

Jaebum has yet to make an official or unofficial announcement regarding his termination from 2PM and JYPE or his Korea belittling comments.

A lot of fans are still curious and have many questions regarding the issue.

The 'pandora's box' that has yet to be revealed to the world is now being called a 'time bomb.'

Another industry associate has stated that Jaebum has yet to officially return to Korea since Hype Nation is a Hollywood film.

Jaebum has avoided making comments regarding JYPE or 2PM despite uploading many videos on community sites while in America and conversing with fans.

There seems to be no definite plan regarding his future activities in Korea, making many industry associates wonder how much longer his silence will be overlooked.

Regardless, an explanation must follow whatever he intends to do next, whether it be an album release or acting. A clarification on JYPE and 2PM's withdrawal must come forward.

JYPE has also yet to make an official announcement but has made one thing clear: 結者解之 (One who has tied a knot must untie it., Solve the problems you yourself create. ).

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