[NEWS] Victoria revealed difficulty about being an idol to Nichkhun!

Victoria revealed difficulty about being Idol and Nichkhun said "When you're sad, contact me and I will make you smile."

10th July in MBC ‘We Got Married’ f(x)-Victoria revealed about being Idol with Nichkhun and Nichkhun also soothes her.

Victoria said "When I was failed on the stage. I was scolded by the manager." She said. So Nichkhun asked her like "Did you get a lot of scolding? I wanna scold for him." He said and he asked "What do you do when you're sad?" Victoria answered "Just eat foodstuff" Nichkhun said "No wonder if manager scold for you because you get more weight." Nichkhun was joking and Victoria also was joking too.

However, Nichkhun added "When you're sad. Contact me I will make you smile" He said. Victoria said "When I was tired, I wouldn't express or tell anyone but I think Nichkhun is man who I can trust." She confessed. Nichkhun also said "Because we're idol then I can understand her well. When Victoria's sad, if she comes to me. It maybe better."

Source: popcornfor2, f(x) Thailand fanclub
Translated by taengbear at affxtion.com