[News] U-KISS' Male-Male Couple Born?... Dongho & Kevin 'Kiss'

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U-KISS's Dongho and Kevin drew attention with their 'kiss' during the broadcast.

On the 23rd in SBS E!TV real food variety "Chef's Kiss' broadcast, the boys invited the viewers to hold 'U-KISS Day' event in the restaurant.

It was one couple's 1000 day anniversary but an embarrassing(?) incident happened between Dongho and Kevin, while the boys were trying to create a special event for the couple (the boys tried to make the couple kissed).

Dongho and Kevin became jealous while watching the couple and playfully tried to follow what the couple was doing, but their joke turned out to be a real kiss as their lips accidentally met. Because of this, the recording set's backstage was thrown into chaos.

This week episode will show a fierce cooking battle among U-KISS members. Especially Alexander and Dongho, who fought/bickered while creating their recipe, which left Kibum and the staffs in tension.

In this episode too, Dongho could be seen experiencing and enjoying his part time job at the petrol station to promote the restaurant. People who went to the petrol station and witnessed Dongho's cuteness had commented him as the "Dream Boss of Petrol Station".

U-KISS’s “Chef’s Kiss” episode 9 will be aired on Friday, July 23rd at 12 o’ clock through SBS E!TV channel.

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