[News] U-KISS’ Dongho, The Reason Of Being Diagnosed With 'Hypochondria' Is?

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Multinational group, U-KISS went to the swimming pool to have some fun and showed their bodies.

On the July 30th broadcast of SBS E!TV real food variety "Chef's Kiss", the members visited a clinic as a preparation for the hot summer. They took this opportunity to do health checkup as well as finding out foods that are good for summer (to prevent heat exhaustion).

On this day, each member received a detailed medical diagnosis, including their exact health condition. Dongho was the member who had the worst physical condition due to his busy schedule. Kibum and he received acupuncture treatment as well as body treatment procedure.

Especially Dongho, who surprised everyone when he was diagnosed with 'Hypochondria' illness at such a young age.

Meanwhile, U-KISS went to the swimming pool in order to find their cooking ingredients and exposed their bodies to the public, which was something that rarely happened.

Taekwondo grade-holder Eli's solid body shape and exercise-mania Kibum and Kiseop's sexy muscles were revealed, and these made the female staffs filled with happiness.

U-KISS' "Chef's Kiss" will be broadcast on July 30th, Friday at 12 o' clock through SBS E!TV channel.

From Wikipedia: Hypochondriasis /hypochondria is often referred to as health phobia. It is also refers to an excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness

From Naver:
A mental or emotional disorder as a result of repressed anger or stress

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