[NEWS] U-Kiss becomes acting-dols…5 members to debut in a drama

Idol group U-Kiss's members will debut as actors.

According to SBS drama 'I Am Legend' producer A Story on the 27th, U-Kiss will star as a five-member rock band 'Kiss Band' who have been discovered by a manager Kang SooIn (Jang ShinYoung).

U-Kiss is a 7-member international idol group composed of Alexander, Kevin, Eli, KiBum, SooHyun, DongHo, and KiSeop. They have been receiving hot love from nuna fans by starring in various variety programs such as 'Invincible Saturday' and 'Star King'.

Before debuting, U-Kiss had the experience of preparing to be both an idol group and a band. In this drama, DongHo (drums), Kevin (guitar), SooHyun (vocalist), KiSeop (bass), and KiBum (keyboard) were cast. The name of the band that the five members make up will be 'Kiss Band'.

According to the staff, the U-Kiss members are firmly determined to do well in the drama. They have invited indie rock band 'Wiretap in My Ear' as their teachers to learn about rock music, and they have been practicing acting and rock music 24 hours a day, giving it their all.

A representative of A Story stated, "The drama 'I Am Legend' is about women in their 30s starting a rock band. With the addition of U-Kiss, who are popular with teens, we have been able to connect the generations between people in their teens and 30s."

'I Am Legend' will be directed by Kim HyungShik, who also directed the dramas 'Surgeon Bong Dal Hee' and 'Cain & Abel'. The drama stars Kim JungEun, Hong JiMin, Jang ShinYoung, Juni, and Kim SeungSu, and will have its first broadcast on the 2nd of next month.

Credits: Nate News + ilovepocky@Rocketboxx.net