[News] Trot Singer Jang Yoon Jung Confesses Dealing With Rumors


Trot singer Jang reflected on her difficult times dealing with rumors.

Trot star Jang Yoon-jung, 30, appeared in an episode of MBC talk show 'Golden Fishery' on June 30, talking about her break-up with ex-boyfriend Noh Hong-chul, 31.

"We split up because we were different, not because one of us was 'wrong,'" commented Jang. "A lot of rumors appeared since I didn't reveal the exact reason for our separation."

Many speculators guessed that Noh's obsessional neatness and Jang's parents' objection to their marriage were behind the parting.

"The last [rumor] is the most shocking -- one said that I had fled to America because I was pregnant with a famous figure's child," said the singer. "That rumor still tops the list when I type my name into search engines."

"My parents cried every day from the shock of the news," said Jang, reflecting that "[my parents] said they would get me a physical check certificate if I wanted. That was the most difficult time of my life."

Meanwhile, Jang has made a comeback with 'Olae,' from her fifth album.

Source: Korea Times