[News] T.O.P picked as lead role for Goo Hye Sun's new movie?

Goo Hye Sun has had series of interviews with My Daily recently. She also mentions that she is very interested in a new movie, “Into The Gunfire”, which is about the Korean war, because it is the first movie in which Top is appearing. Top is also part of the same Talent Agency as Goo Hye Sun which is YG Entertainment. She is very interested to find out how well Top acted in the movie.

GHS says that (Choi) Seung Hyun is usually very quiet and reticent. However, since he has done a movie, he has become more cheerful. If she would ask him questions, he would usually answer very briefly. Now, he even sends her text messages occasionally. Goo Hye Sun notices the change in Top since he made a movie.

As a director, who wants to expand her work, she is interested in Top, who’s now also an actor.

Goo Hye Sun says that, “After I watch Top's new movie, I will think about casting him as a lead for my next movie.” She also laughed and said that she will talk with President Yang to see if she can acquire Top for FREE.

Goo Hye Sun is about to open her full-length movie “Magic”, the first movie that she directed, starring Im Ji Gyu, Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Jung Wook, a story of recklessness and confusion of youth.
“Yosol/Magic” opens on June