[News] Taeyang, "My goal is to rise to the level of Usher"

‘Real Sound by Taeyang’ is a reality program, featuring Big Bang Taeyang’s daily life. Things ranging from the preparations for his first solo album, the playful side of Taeyang, despite being in his 20′s, and also footage of Taeyang speaking earnestly. Viewers will be able to see the hidden side of Taeyang regularly, that’s completely different from the charismatic side of him on stage.

Today’s broadcast is planned to show the congratulatory party that was held to commemorate him taking first place on a music program. Particularly, at this party was Big Bang’s Seungri, as well as 2NE1′s Sandara Park and Gong Minji. They shared their honest thoughts with each other, boasting their close friendship.

While Taeyang was talking about his future image with Gong Minji and Sandara Park, he had said “One day, my goal is to rise to the level of world pop star, Usher”, garnering attention. In response to Minji’s child-like scolding that he couldn’t give up on his hopeless dream, Taeyang had said “In many aspects, I think that ‘Usher’ is really the best at the moment.”, “However you don’t know what could happen so wait and see. Until that time, I’ll really work hard and put forward my best effort”.

Minji and Sandara Park then said, “At that time, don’t be a ‘bad guy’ like you are now. Please transform into a ‘nice guy’ who can treat us nice and affectionately as well.”, causing laughter.
Moreover, on today’s episode, the image of Taeyang passionately preparing for his comeback stage after his album was released is revealed, and of course, footage of the tense situation backstage during his first performance and the fancy comeback stage.

After his first solo album was released, due to nervousness and stress, Taeyang had suffered from insomnia for the first couple of days. Viewers can also get a peak at what was going through his mind at the time. The show will broadcast on July 23rd, 12AM.

Source: Hankyung Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com

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