[NEWS] Taeyang is not lonely

Even if I’ll get eggs thrown at I still have to say this, this guy is innocent but can also be a flirt if he wants to be.

The song I NEED A GIRL, fast paced and hot. Compared to those other solo artists that sing love songs because it is part of their “work“, Taeyang’s eyes are filled with confidence, not a bad man type of confidence, but the confidence that comes from his bones and soul. A feeling that gives us a sweet taste in our hearts. 

The album is produced by Teddy, which student GD featured in the title song. So, no doubt this is a typical YG album. However YG is YG, all of Taeyang’s work has always been new and fresh. 

If at that time Big Bang wanted Taeyang to complement the hip-hop trend, then “singing love songs is too wasteful” on his solo album. Seungri said that seeing Taeyang doing solo performances, and how Taeyang does not have a sense of loneliness on the stage, is what people are looking forward to. 

From ONLY LOOK AT ME to I NEED A GIRL, the continuation of his unique dancing skills, and not being afraid to express the feelings with his eyes, he had progressed a lot. Taeyang who’s know to be shy and innocent is now dancing sexy dances with a smile. Many people knows that it is not that kind of so-called bad man feeling, but more of a “letting go of your child” feeling. A feeling of growth and maturity. Afterall, the times when he’s dancing and hugging with his female dancer are still fresh in our memory.

Innocent, and of course cute, the so-called “letting go of your child” has become more common. So, Taeyang fans must not cry!

But afterall, Taeyang is a child that’s obsessed with music. SUPERSTAR is his favorite track in his album. To hip-hop, SOUL is special. According to Taeyang, SOUL and R&B suits him the best. About the controversy of imitating USHER, Taeyang does not really care about it. Imitations are just like clouds, he just needs to do good on his part.

Taeyang’s attitude, to devote to one’s duties, is quite a charm. 

Source: baidu
 Maggie @ ibigbang fansite