[News] T-ara's Jiyeon only gets 3-4 hours of sleep

Jiyeon, member of the girl group, T-ara, revealed more about her deadly schedule. She revealed about the very little time she gets to sleep, or take breaks, because of her tight schedule. Even the one night, two days during filming for her variety show "Heroes" takes up a lot of her time.

She said that, "currently, I usually get 3-4 hours or less of sleep, but when I go on the programs like SBS 'Heroes' I can get more which is why I think they're better than any other (variety shows)."

The process to set up the interview with Jiyeon was very hard, too, because of her extremely busy schedule. The meeting was put off twice and we almost gave up. But the third appointment was not that case. At night time we called and set up the interview to be at 10 o'clock this morning. Usually a burden at interviews and photoshoots is the 4-5 hours it takes for hair and make-up and getting dressed, but this time Jiyeon did hers before she left her dorm.

After the many twists and turns, the interview with Jiyeon finally began. Wearing a clean uniform, we went out to a dark room with coffee in our hands for the interview. You could see that the sweet girl has a face full of tiredness and was tired and buried deeply (?).

"Getting up every morning before dawn, with the upcoming release of our album, and shooting of our music video, I'm very busy. I'm surprised I was able to even come for an interview."

We were, too. For this interview, we looked at her more than just a girl group member, or a singer, but rather an actress. Her film debut "Death Bell 2" in which she stars in is expected to be released on the 28th. Although she's been in dramas before, this is her big screen debut which is a funky treat for her.

"Originally, the goal was to cast all the members of T-ara, but that changed. I was greedy and I became lucky to get anointed to the role. It was right after I finished "God of Study" so I went from one work to another, which was a little tiring. But drama is quite different from the dramas where my aegyo helped me.. I was the script and knew I had to work harder.

Jiyeon takes on the role of Seh Hee in "Death Bell 2" and one by one, her friends begin to die. Playing this role was different from her personality and she thought it was confusing at first.

She played a poor girl aiming to get good grades in high school in "God of Study" and a bully in "High Kick Through The Roof." When Jiyeon talks about her previous work, the tiredness wipes away from her eyes, and instead a twinkle comes.

"Honestly, I can not be one of those people to just land a role and act. I have a different look on this that's not as easy and makes it sometimes harder to act for me. I like to figure out their distinct personalities exactly and figure the attributes of the character's I portray. Each role I get a new reaction from fans. "God of Study", how cute, "High Kick Through The Roof", she has charisma. So my fans think of me as a person with charismatic aegyo? (laughter). For "Death Bell 2" I'm not sure what reaction I'll get and I'll have to see."

source: http://news.mk.co.kr/outside/view.php?year...0&no=395524
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + mk