[News] Super rookie G.NA’s parents are actually national athletes

It has been revealed that super rookie G.NA’s parents are national representative athletes.

G.NA said in an interview with Newsen on 21st July, “My father and my mother are both national athletes.” G.NA’s father Choi SeonSoo is a national Taekwondo athlete while her mother Yoon TaeSeon is a national representative swimmer. It is also known that G.NA’s mother is close friend with Choi YoonHee, dubbed as ‘Asia’s mermaid’.

G.NA said, “In Vancouver, I often meet up with Choi YoonHee’s family. And I also appeared in Korean broadcast shows there with them. And I thought that since my parents have let others know Korea as national representative athlete, I want to become the representative singer for Korea too. I hope to become Korea’s representative female singer to the world.”

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