[News] Super Junior takes fifth place in Japanese Oricon Chart

Popular Korean idol group Super Junior’s new album took 5th place on July 20 in the Japanese Oricon Charts.

In Taiwan, Super Junior had released their signature song <> in 2009 and created a record of being first for 30 weeks in a row for the Korean/Japanese Charts. Not only did they shoot commercials for famous brands in China and Thailand, but they also drove fans crazy at the Shanghai World Expo. In 2006, Super Junior visited Japan for the first time, and the Japan Budoukan was filled to the brim. Although Super Junior’s popularity in Asia is huge, they have never officially ventured into the Japanese market. However, their album <> which was released on the 21st of July reaped huge rewards, and was honoured with the fifth place on the Japanese Charts.

The new album <> is the Japanese language version of the Korean album that was released in May 2010, and it also includes the Behind the Scenes footage of the music video filming which is not available in the original version.

Despite not having officially ventured into the Japanese music industry, they have achieved such excellent results; the popularity level of Super Junior and KPop in the present and the future will be very much anticipated.

A concert will be held in Tokyo International Forum Hall A on the 1st of August, where the amazing singers of Super Junior K.R.Y (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung) will be performing 《SUPER JUNIOR K.R.Y. SPECIAL CONCERT in JAPAN》. For Super Junior that usually focuses on dancing and choreography, the concert this time will be centered on vocals instead, bringing a fresh feel to us. Even though the number of concerts was changed from one session to two, the concert tickets were still completely sold out.

Source: sina
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