[News] Super Junior Kangin inside the Camp

#1: An ELF has a brother who is the instructor in the camp, so the ELF told her brother to take care of Kangin well, and said that now there isnt anything special regarding Kangin, he is living well inside. On the 11th, the ELF spoke with the brother. Brother said that Kangin is very interesting, telling everyone about stories of artists and so he seemed to make many friends. There seemed to already have formed a group. Recently the brother is busy so won’t be making much calls but when he is out for break, he will talk more on Kangin’s life in the camp

#2: There is an ELF’s friend’s friend’s brother is in the same camp as Kangin. He said Kangin is especially funny/ interesting, and talked alot about artists. When asked if Kangin has haters inside, the answer she got was that Kangin already has his own group/gang inside the camp.

SOURCE: camomile/온새미로
Credit: 强特私人公寓
Chinese translation: 紫菜包饭
English translation: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com