[news] SM vs YG this second half of the year with idol's comebacks

Already in the move for the second half of the year, YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment each own's artist's comebacks this coming August are making a remarkable eye-catching battle of comebacks.

Leader of Big Bang G-Dragon from YG with his first solo album and the debut of 4 girl group 2ne1 already made an impressive success last year. For 2010, YG's artist's comebacks started by the end of the first half with Gummy's new mini album, although the first half was taken by SM Entertainment's SNSD with their hit "Oh!" and Super Junior with "Bonamana" Which hit the jackpot in terms of success.

But in August, There are more to come from the singers from SM and YG where plans for a comeback stages in the music industry are already planned. Huge artist's from both entertainment agencies are planned for comebacks on August and the tension is attracting a lot of interest from netizens.

It seem's that for the schedule of comebacks for August, SM and YG will be up against each other.

▶ Se7en vs Boa

Se7en from YG and BoA from SM who are now regarded as "Legendary Idols" are going to be facing a comeback face off this second half. Both solo artist's are well known for their singing and dancing skills and their experience in their fields, they are also both the pride of South Korea and Asia for being top notch performers oversea's and internationally.

Indeed, these two singers have spent a long time in the industry and both are coming from a long hiatus in the kpop industry. Se7en has been gone in the kpop music industry for 3 years plus while BoA has been gone for 5 years, both being busy with their oversea's activities.

Se7en on the 21'st revealed his new album with an electronic melody and a striking and impressive hip hop dance song with his title track "Better Together" which has been topping music charts since it's release.

From the same agency, member of Big Bang TOP also contributed to a track from his album called "Digital Bounce" which is also popular. Se7en will begin his comeback activities this week.

Se7en will be at the peak of his activities by August and he will be having a lot of appearances as it has been a long time since he has been in the industry.

BoA announced that after 5 year's of absence, she will make a comeback with her 6th full album to be released on August, her last album was in June 2005 with her hit 'Girls on top' Since then, she has been busy in Japan and US for 5 years.

SM Entertainment said, "Her sixth full album will show BoA's growth from her international activities, her new album will show her music ability and skills. Also, this year we are going to celebrate her 10th' anniversary since her debut, and to celebrate this, she will be making a comeback with a full album".

Also, the representative followed, "It's been a long time since she had domestic activities, and her heart is fluttering with excitement for her comeback stages. Expect a different stage and a fresh new music".

▶ Taeyang vs SHINee

Also, Taeyang of Big Bang and SHINee are expected to be promoting the same time this August.

After a long break from his solo activities, Taeyang came back with his first solo album with his title song "I Need a girl" which recently made a triple crown winning number 1 in M!Countdown, Music Bank and Inkigayo showing a strong success from his comeback.

Taeyang shows a charismatic yet sophisticated performance where Taeyang enjoys popularity also for having a good personality. He is currently promoting his solo album.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment's male idol group SHINee has made their comeback with the release of their second full album on the 19th, with their title track "Lucifer" topping real time charts upon release. SHINee are expected to start their full scale promotions on the 23rd through KBS Music Bank.

So a showdown between the male idol's are expected as both are going to promoting their respective albums at the same time.

▶ SM Town World Tour vs 2NE1 TV

SM and YG Entertainment are both going to busy this August with performances and broadcast shows.

This coming August 21, SM Entertainment will start their "SM Town World Tour 2010" at Seoul Olympic Stadium showcasing their top artists including SNSD, Super Junior, SHINEe, U-Know Yunho and Changmin of DBSK, f(x) and other artists showing a large scale concert performance.

After their concert in Seoul, SM Town are expected to perform next on LA and China.

YG Entertainment are also keeping it busy with the broadcast of 2ne1's reality show "2ne1 tv Season 2" which is going to start this 27th of July on mnet.

"2ne1 tv Season 1" which aired last year showed the behind the scenes with the member's of 2ne1 which was a huge success. Since then, 2ne1 was on a hiatus and fans have been waiting a long time for the program to air once again.

Also, this Coming August 29, For the Incheon Korean Wave Festival 2010, Singers from YG and SM Entertainment are also going to participate. From SM Entertainment comes BoA, SHINee, SNSD and Super Junior while for YG Entertainment Taeyang and Se7en are also scheduled to perform.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

authors note: Please no TRASH TALK, This article is basically pointing out the "obvious" which is a face off from the two agencies this second half. Also, Taeyang will be having his solo concert in September and 2ne1's (???) comeback in August but it was not stated in the article. Please just enjoy the article, I did the best I could to translate it~ it was a long article and im tired T_T enjoy.