[News] Simon. D & Yoon Doojoon, 'Sel-ca' of two handsome men responsible for making Sunday nights interesting

Two men responsible for interesting Sunday nights each week, Simon D (aka Sim. D) and BEAST's Yoon Doojoon reveal a picture proving their close friendship.

On the 26th, Yoon Doojoon revealed a picture that he took with Sim. D at the waiting room of the MBC variety show 'Hot Brothers'. In this picture, the two confirmed their 'pretty boy' status with their slim jawlines and distinct facial features, and even simply wearing a t-shirt, they could not conceal their dashing good looks.

These two's 'close-friendship confirmation shot' that displayed their tight relationship is expected to call out a lot of attention from netizens.

Previously, Yoon Doojoon had revealed a sel-ca that he had taken on the scene with Jung Hyungdon, a gagman and a member of Danbi, and also displayed their close relationship. In particular, the two's comic expressions in the picture caused fans to erupt in laughter.

Meanwhile, with Simon D's 'snake' character on MBC's 'Hot Borthers', and Yoon Doojoon's hole-digging worker character on MBC's 'Danbi', the two have captured several viewers and love, and are two new rising characters in the variety-show world.