[News] SHINee Luficer MV, Now on The Big Screen in the Theaters 100727

Highlighted scenes from SHINee’s 2nd album Lucifer’s MV started playing on theaters on the 24th, becoming a hot topic online. The MV has two version, a 30s cut and 60s cut.

Currently, the MV is playing at Mega-box cinema’s 46 theatres all over Seoul, Daegu, Gwangju and Haeundae, as well as CGV’s 122 theaters all over South Korea, before the movie starts.

After watching ‘Lucifer’ MV highlighted scenes in the theaters, many fans had commented that “it looks good when it’s zoomed”, “looking at SHINee up close, I can feel my heart exploding” and “come to the theaters”.

Since the release of their 2nd album ‘Lucifer’ on the 19th, SHINee has been receiving good response, bagging many number 1 place on various charts as well as their sales volume.

Source: Shakizi+Mr.Minho
Kor-Ch Translation by: Remember
Ch-Eng Translation by: Kylene @ WRS
Credit to: weareshining (WRS)