[NEWS] Seulong is the new 'stupid idol,' Changmin & Jinwoon stab each other

2AM Seulong is the new 'idiot idol' ... "I don't know"

2AM Seulong has expressed a new sort of charisma as an 'idiot.' 

On a recent episode of SBS E!TV's 'Variety Production,' the members of 2AM played a game in a corner that had them matching up proverbs and movie titles. 

The cast members were split into two teams by Kim Jongmin and Chun Myunghoon. Myunghoon and Jo Kwon went in first and attempted to express the subject with their bodies while Seulong tried to guess the answer outside. 

Although Myunghoon and Jo Kwon expressed it well, Seulong did not know any proverbs properly, causing the team leader Myunghoon to switch sides. 

The members that were frustrated with Seulong asked, "You're not even from another country, how can you not know any proverbs like that?"

Seulong eventually scratched his head with a face expression that said 'I'm not sure,' causing him to rise up the ranks as a new idiot idol. 

In the round of movie titles, the only body expression that Changmin and Jinwoon showed was them hitting and stabbing each other, eventually causing them to fall to the floor in laughter.