[News] Premiere of Hangeng’s Heartache Notebook

Hangeng’s solo album 《庚心》 will be released throughout Asia on 27th July. On top of that, he released the first song from his album 《My Logo》, from this week onwards, 10 songs from his solo album will be released. Today, the collaboration of “袁惟仁” & “方文山”, 《心疼•笔记本》 (Heartache Notebook) was released online on NetEnt.
Since debut, Hangeng has always been into songs that are more suitable for dance. In 《Heartache Notebook》, Hangeng tried ballad for the first time.
《Heartache Notebook》is the collaboration of “袁惟仁” & “方文山”, so as to present Hangeng’s image of gentleness. This portrays the innocence of a generation of stubbornness and regret, also whereby everyone has experienced embarrassment and dreams.
It is reported that in Hangeng’s album, 《飞蛾扑火》,《Say No》,《撑伞》 will be made as a film trilogy, using the tracks and MV to tell a touching story of a new king. Furthermore, the MV of《Heartache Notebook》will be also the side story that will be background story of Hangeng’s film trilogy.
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Listen to the singles here:
My Logo
爱 的翅膀 (Wings of Love)
《心 疼•笔记本》(Heartache Notebook)

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Translated by dhatsying @ TwELFs.com