[News] Park Kyunglim's Production of the 'Stammering' Yarikoori Pose

[TVDaily = Rporter Kim Jeenkyung] The boy band MBLAQ and Park Kyunglim directed a yarikoori concept.

Two days ago, a picture of MBLAQ was uploaded on the 'Star Night Photo Studio' bulletin board of MBC 'Park Kyunglim's Starry Night Radio' (also known as 'Star Night').

In the photo, MBLAQ's G.O. and Mir have the image of stroking Park Kyunglim.

G.O.'s face expression (that looks like he's feeling something) and Mir's clumsy pose made netizens happy.

At the time of the broadcasting, a 'Starry Night' representative said, "All of a sudden, the mood of the studio turned yarikoori."

Netizens who saw this picture showed interest and said, "I really envy Park Kyunglim because she's being surrounded by two heartwarming boys" and "I burst into laughter at Mir's equivocal pose."

Translator's Note: Yarikoori can mean '______ was turned upside down.' So in this case, the mood of the studio was turned upside down.

Source: Nate News
Translator: Kenoa & kiwiannabear @ AbsoluteMBLAQ