[News] Park Jaebeom’s 'Count On Me' release 'Great news at dawn'

[AsiaToday, Reporter Kim Sujin] At 12 a.m. on the 13th, 2PM’s Park Jaebum upturned the internet with the release of his first solo song “믿어줄래” (“Count On Me”).

Within one hour of the music’s release, the album’s songs took first, second, and fourth place on Cyworld BGM’s rankings.
Park Jaebeom’s first solo song “믿어줄래” (“Count On Me”) is American rapper B.o.B’s hit song “Nothin’ on You” completed with the addition of famous producer Park Keuntae’s melody. The Korean lyrics start off with, “What was dangerous / More than your lips/ It was your love,” and is memorable with its sweet lyrics about a loved one.

On one side, as soon as Jaebeom’s music was released, netizens hailed it passionately.
Netizens who watched Jaebum’s music video said,

  • “Kya~ what good news at dawn!”
  • “The lyrics pull at my heartstrings.”
  • “Finally a first single, how long has it been.”
Source: Nate News