[News] Park Gyuri childhood CF revealed!

KARA’s ‘goddess’, Park GyuRi, sure has a solid reason to be confident with her looks since she has been a beauty since her childhood.

Recently, her childhood CF was revealed on SBS variety show ‘HaHa Mong Show.’ The two MCs made a trip to KARA’s new dorm and in the latest episode, they had an ‘inspection’ on ParkGyuRi’s room.

(Park GyuRi is in the last picture.)

While ‘investigating’ her room, they found some videos on her laptop. Park GyuRi has some videos of her CFs when she was small. In those CFs, she acted alongside with famous celebrities such as Kim RaeWon, Jo YeoJung and Park SunYoung. People were surprised to see how Park GyuRi looks exactly as she did when she was little.

Well, no wonder she is called ‘goddess’!

Source: Choi Joon Yong @asiae.co.kr
Translation: ch0sshi @