[News] On the set of SBS variety segment "Hero Girls"


"Everyone! Which singer are you expecting to see?"
the show's emcee No Hong-chul asked Korea's national women's rugby team with an air of triumph, as if he has a joker up his sleeve as a hidden card. With boy band MBLAQ already having heated up the atmosphere with their performance, it would have been difficult to create a bigger impact on the set with just a so-and-so singer.

But No Hong-chul's confidence was actually worth a nod of understanding. For it was none other than Big Bang member Taeyang who got called into Incheon's Songdo district on an already dark night. The problem was, the nodding reporter as well as the national women's rugby team were already looking at him. "Taeyang!", "Ah, how did you know that? Ah, you can see him." However, knowing about Taeyang's appearance beforehand does not mean that his performance would shine any less. Moreover, it surely does not pale the efforts made by the "Hero Girls/Heroes" team of SBS variety show "Happy Sunday," who rushed to get Taeyang to perform on the show for the national women's rugby team.

The premiere episode of variety segment "Heroes/Hero Girls" was an opportunity to cheer for the national women's rugby team, who sweat to prepare for July's world championship games in a country that has almost no infrastructure for the sport. So even if the captain of the rugby team was lucky enough to get to kiss Taeyang's cheek that day, we - being the generous readers that we are - shall show our dignity and just let it go. Oh, this remark is not something directed at our editor-in-chief.

Source: Asiae.co.kr