[News] Narsha, “After I revealed my age, Seo InYoung and I grew awkward”

On the upcoming airing of variety show ‘Hero Girls’ on 1st August, the members on the show revealed that they have been worried even before the show because of Seo InYoung.

With the participation like Yoo InNa, Jung GaEun, Narsha etc, the female stars said, “During the casting before our filming, we are already worried because of Seo InYoung.”

They said, “This is because of Seo InYoung’s strong image.” Yoo InNa said, “I don’t know how I should call Seo InYoung since she is younger than me,” and Narsha said, “After I revealed my age on Strong Heart, our relationship became awkward.”

But the members continued, “However after spending some time with her, we got close to her because Seo InYoung is actually very easy going and kind.”

Translated by Sookyeong @ Kbites