[News] The Must Watch Kpop Phenomenon Video From the Philippines!

Have you ever wondered what Filipinos thought about the Kpop Phenomenon? Then should really watch this video!

Here, hosts Chris Tan and Kring Elenzano discuss all things Kpop on their live online show.

Yes, they ramble on a bit the whole video. They may be a bit corny too, but they whole video is informative and fun as a whole.

You get a bit of information on the history of Kpop and how it spread in the Philippines. There are interviews of real Filipinos about their experiences with Kpop too!

Lot's of interesting stuff for the incredibly curious. The hosts sometimes speak in Filipino, but they speak in English for the most part.

Want to know why Chris love Lee Hyori, or the top 5 reasons why Filipinos love Kpop? Or why F4 and Meteor Garden paved the way for the entry of Kpop in the Philippines? Or why Filipinos can't copy Kpop acts?

Then watch this video now!

Just visit flippish.com and search for the Kpop Phenomenon video.

Reported by: vya@dkpopnews
Picture screenshot from flippish.com