[News] Mnet to broadcast 'Made in Wonder Girls'

Mnet reveals more details about their upcoming reality show, Made in Wonder Girls, while receiving praise from fans and music representatives.

Mnet.com has been releasing teasers for Wonder Girls new reality program every Monday and Thursday at 11:00 am (KST), gathering much attention from fans that are eagerly waiting to know more about the girls overseas activities.

Fans in Korea have heard of Wonder Girls success in America but this is the first time of them actually seen it, witnessing the popularity of K-pop overseas.

Starting from June 28, fans have been able to watch short clips of the Washington DC, New York and Chicago concerts, the reaction of the audience, the girls praying before taking the stage and even their opening act during the first leg of their tour, 2PM. Mnet has prepared to continue showing short clips of the tour until July 22nd with the next batch being about the “Behind Story” of Wonder Girls and 2PM.

Since this is only a small part of the footage that Mnet has about the Wonder World Tour, they have planned to start airing Made in Wonder Girls on Mnet’s TV channel on July 30th at 6:00 pm (KST)

Recently, Mnet made a statement about what they are looking for with this new reality program saying,

“All this time, many of our singers tried to debut in America with little success. However, the Wonder Girls got into the Billboard Charts Top 100 in 4 months and were recognized as singers. These girls are small but have been able to conquer what has been known as almost impossible, and we are curious as to how they did it. With the wish to create more global stars, we would like to think about which way future stars should go [to achieve success] along with our viewers.”

Source: jknews.co.kr
Translation: OHHxbby@kpoplive.com
Video Credit: PikeYenny2@youtube.com