[News] miss A surpasses veteran singers to be #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart

Newcomer girlgroup miss A has risen to the #1 spot on Monkey3 weekly chart for the 2nd week of July (5th~11th July).

The group’s debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ is up #1 just 2 weeks after it entered the chart at #16. It has moved up 15 rankings really fast to be at #1.

This is great results for the newcomer considering that they have surpassed other veteran singers like Baek JiYoung, Son DamBi and Narsha to be at #1. MC Mong’s latest song ‘Sick Enough To Die’ which was #1 last week slipped one rank to be at #2. And Baek JiYoung’s song ‘Over Time’ which was #2 last week slipped 2 rankings to be at #4 this week.

The rest of the chart results:

  1. miss A ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’
  2. MC Mong ‘Sick Enough To Die’
  3. Jo Kwon ‘Day For Confession’
  4. Baek JiYoung ‘Over Time’
  5. TaeYang ‘I Need A Girl’
  6. Son DamBi ‘Can’t You See’, up 15 rankings
  7. 2AM SeulOng + IU ‘Nagging’
  8. Narsha ‘I’m In Love’
  9. Gan MiYeon ‘Going Crazy’
  10. Supreme Team ‘Because Of You’

The contents team leader for Monkey3 commented, “The dance songs which goes well with the summer and autumn season are popular at the moment. And we see that idol group miss A will continue to do well up on the top 10 rankings.”