[News] MC Mong '죽을 만큼 아파서- Sick to Death' is Number 1 in Soribada chart!

On June we could see a lot of music with various genre in Korean Pop music industry. Hip Hop, ballad, Rn B and dance were fighting to be the one in every chart.

But, MC mong walked over the course with his song '죽을 만큼 아파서- Sick to Death' and brought it all the way to be number 1 in Soribada chart. Along with Super Junior '너 같은 사람 또 없어- No Other' in 2nd place and Baek Ji Young '시간이 지나면-over time' in 3rd place.

IU with 'nagging was in 4th place with Road Number One OST '바람이 되어서라도' by HwanHee in 5th place. Push Push by Sistar showed the interest by being in 14th place.

article by dajeonglee@dkpopnews.net