[news] MBLAQ's Mir, "I Like Sandara Park More Than My Sister Go Eunah"

In the July 2nd episode of MBC TV 'Section TV Entertainment Report,' the "Byul Byul Ranking" section took on a survey with the topic called 'Who are the Fantasy Star Family?'

In the survey, Go Eunah & Mir, Sandara Park & Chundoong ranked #9 on the 'Fantasy Star Family.'

To this, Mir expressed his thoughts, confessing, "Because we were newcomers, it's true that my big sister's help (in the sense of popularity) played a big role"

Adding on, when asked, "Between Go Eunah and Sandara Park, who is prettier?" Mir honestly replied, "I was already Sandara Park's fan, so I like Sandara Park more than my big sister."

**Translator commentary-- on the bottom right corner of the pic, the captions say, "Chundoong also betrays his own sister," So I'm guessing Chundoong likes Go Eunah more than Sandara? LOL~!

Source: Nate
Translations by eunaah @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
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