[News] MBLAQ to Perform at Incheon-Monaco Celebration Concert This July 11

Popular idol group MBLAQ will add the heat through the concert which celebrates the friendly match between Incheon United and the AS Monaco.

Incheon Club claimed "MBLAQ will sing their representative songs 'Y' and 'JUST BLAQ' during the half time of the game between Incheon and Monaco game, which will be held at 11th 3 p.m. Incheon World Cup Stadium."

MBLAQ is a male group which is composed by 5 members of Seungho, G.O., Lee Joon, Mir, and Thunder. They are known as a group which are raised by the World Star Rain. The group's name is composed of abbreviations from 'Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality'.

Seungho, Lee Joon, and Mir were active as 'Idol United' members, which were composed just before the 2010 South Africa World Cup as idol group's soccer club.

MBLAQ, which was recently chosen as this year's first half best rookie group on broadcast and an Internet's all sorts of music portal, debuted as they hold the first performance last year at the singer Rain's concert.

After they started the activities as they announced the single album 'JUST BLAQ' last October, they are rising through the second single album title song 'Y', which was presented at this May.

Meanwhile, Incheon Club will provide the Domino Pizza to the first 800 people out of the audiences at this date.

Translation Credits: seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack
Photo Credits: seoulbeats.com