[News] MBLAQ hitting Singapore's sunny shores in September

5-member boyband MBLAQ might be hitting Singapore's sunny shores in september!

This was reported by a Singapore chinese newspaper (picture below), stating that DotBox Events Pte Ltd is in the midst of arranging the details about bringing MBLAQ to singapore in september.

The article also mentioned the facebook event titled "Want to see MBLAQ in Singapore?! START ATTENDING!". This event started on 21 June 2010 and will end on 10th July 2010. The event was started by DotBox Events Pte Ltd, in order to gauge the amount of fans that will attend in the event that MBLAQ really comes here. The amount given by JTunes is 2500 fans and currently, there are about 2700 fans attending. See screencap below.

A couple of fans commented on the page, claiming to be relatives or friends of MBLAQ members like Mir, Lee Joon and Thunder. The fans said that they asked the MBLAQ members and they assured them by confirming that they will be coming to Singapore in September.

The exact date, timing, venue and nature of event have not been released but fans can expect a fanmeeting or showcase. Singapore A+s, please wait for further details to be released!

Snapshot of newspaper: rJosephine
Written by: Gina@dkpopnews.net

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