[News] Man Gaining people's interest by dancing to Girl's day flash mob dance

Through the video site Youtube, one overseas man is gaining attention with the video he made, copying the Girls Day's dance moves.

The man has copied the dance moves from the flash mob Girls Day created at Hongdae and has also put the original video next to his so that people could compare.

Netizens have replied, "This guy is amazing" and "Now I can't wait for Girls Day to debut!"

On the 26th, Girls Day (Sojin, Jihae, Jisun, Jiin, Minah) went to Hongdae and showed their powerful and sexy dance skills in the midst of regular citizens going on with their lives. They have gained even more interest from people by uploading that event on the internet.

Currently, Girls Day have uploaded special videos of each members practicing their dance skills and the total views added up to atleast 20,000 views.

On the 9th, Girls Day is planning to debut and they are also gaining not only Korean fans but also Overseas fans with the help of twitter.

Source: http://www.artsnews.co.kr/news/88122
Translator: Sugarcookie

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