[News] Lee Kikwang dresses up for Hot Brothers and dances the 'American Dance'

Lee Kikwang, a member in the 6 member dance group BEAST, faced embarrassment as he danced while being dressed up as the Michael character from the show Dooly.

In the episode of MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’s Hot Brothers’ broadcasted on the 25th, they had planned a project to maintain the patience and calmness after being criticized by the other members’ for their hyperactivity. 

On the this episode, Lee Kikwang had wore a machine to measure his heartbeat and went against Tak Jaehoon in a situation titled, ‘Don’t panic at the filming set’.

The situation given to him involved Lee Kikwang being dressed as the character Michael from the comic show Dooly and he was ordered to film a watermelon commercial in that concept.

Despite being a member in an idol group, Lee Kikwang was transformed at the spot and was even referred as a ‘conman’ by his fellow member Yoon Doojoon, making his heartbeat rise immediately.

In the end Lee Kikwang was forced to do the ‘American Dance’ while being dressed up as the Michael character in order to prove that he was a BEAST member, and was faced with embarrassment when Yoon Doojoon still couldn’t recognize him.

Meanwhile, the brother who had the highest heartbeat had the punishment of swimming cross the Han River.