[news] Lee Dong-gun appointed celebrity military officer

Korean actor Lee Dong-gun, who entered the military last month as part of fulfilling the country's mandatory army duties, will be working as a celebrity military officer for the remainder of his serving period.

According to Korea's Defense Media Agency on Friday, the actor was recently assigned to the PR department in the agency after receiving five weeks of basic training at Chuncheon's 102 Reserve.

"I am personally honored that I will be able to use my talent in serving the military," the actor was quoted as saying. "I will do my best in my assignments to be of great help to the military such as boosting the morale of military officers and appearing on TV programs."

He will kick off his activities as a celebrity officer tomorrow by appearing in a military-special television show, to be held at Seoul Plaza in front of the city hall.

Lee, who first debuted as a singer in 1998, rose to stardom after starring in TV series "Lovers in Paris" (SBS, 2004) and "Sweet 18" (KBS, 2004). He has also made several big screen appearances including "My Boyfriend is Type B" (2005).

He entered the military on June 15, a day after he announced that he would be enlisting.

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