[news] Last Stage as MC, f(x)'s Krystal, "It was difficult because of Thunder's ad-lib"

Arirang TV Global Music Show "The M-Wave" started at 7 o'clock evening on the 27th, and took place in Kun-Gook University's New Millenium Hall.

MBLAQ's Thunder and f(x)'s Krystal, who were took part as the program's MC's all this time, took the final stage as MC's on this day.

As he expressed the sadness for the last stage, Thunder asked Krystal, "Was it hard because you had to MC with me?" and to this, Krystal replied without hesitation, "Yes, it was difficult," and made the surrounding people laugh.

But shortly, she added with a smile, "It was difficult because of Thunder oppa's ad-lib. We can't meet as MC's on 'The M-Wave' from now on, but we hope [you] continue the love for us," and didn't forget the ask for support with aegyo. 

This day's episode will air on the 1st of August on Arirang TV and QOOK TV PLUS.

※Translator Commentary: The rest of the news were not translated due to irrelevancy.

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