[News] Kikwang's height disappeared on profiles due to Park Myungsoo's joke

[[TV E Daily = Reporter Kim Jihyun] “One day, my height wasn’t enrolled in my profile.”

BEAST’s member Lee Kikwang faced the risk of losing his height on a portal site due to Park Myungsoo’s joke.

Aired on the 11th in the evening on MBC TV variety program “Sunday Sunday Night – Hot Brothers,” Kikwang said, “Park Myungsoo who is taller than me purposely shrunk his height which made people think I’m shorter than 165 centimeters,” bringing laughter.

There was an incident where Park Myungsoo & Lee Kikwang compared heights. Park Myungsoo was around 3-4 centimeters taller and said to Lee Kikwang, “I’m 168 centimeters so what’s your height.”

In response to this, Lee Kikwang said, “I looked up my name on a portal site and my height disappeared” and continued “This is all your fault hyung. I’m over 170 centimeters but because you lowered your height, this is what happened,” bringing laughter yet again.

Park Myungsoo apologized, saying, “People think my height is really 168 centimeters now.”

Currently, if you look up both of their names, the relevant topics that come up are involved with height.

[TV E Daily = Reporter Kim Jihyun win@tvdaily.co.kr]


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