[NEWS] Karam from D-NA mentioned about Uknow Yunho again

On the "Thanks to" portion of D-NA's "Awake" mini-album, one of the members, Karam, wrote:

D-NA’s first mini album..
Because it’s an album that’s full of hard-work
Please give us much love
To someone who’s making me walk this way [as a singer]
I respect senior Jung Yunho
I’m a little boy for my father and mother
But I will work harder to be a great kid
Please stay tuned. I love you

This is probably the third time Karam spoke about leader-shi. And yes, there are a lot who dislike them because they keep mentioning our boys and would seem like a strategy to get the attention of the K-pop world. But, honestly...I really think these kids are just simply fanboys of TVXQ. The way they talk about them is more like our boys are their inspiration and role model. So, please, no bashing.

Source: Yaejin@enchanteDNA.com
Translation by: dianapetrina@enchanteDNA.com
Shared by: DBSKnights